31 March - 3 April 2016

Convention Photos 2016

Fun Show & Afterglows - Free Photos
All photos taken during the Fun Show (Thursday evening), the Afterglows and a few others are available for free downloading in full resolution.

Funshow - Scratch Quartet Contest - Afterglows
President's Reception
Master Class (by Musical Island Boys, LoveNotes and Mo Field)
A Cappella Magic (show on Thursday)
Contests and Shows (some free pics + previews)

Contest & Show Photos - small fee
You had a great experience performing on stage? Share this with your family and friends and show them the pictures!
You can order the download of a set of contest & show photos for a specific quartet or chorus.
To recover the direct costs for photography SABS asks for a small fee.
=> set of photos of a specific Quartet: only 20
=> set of photos of a specific Chorus: only 40
The set includes all pictures of the specific quartet/chorus, taken on Friday/Saturday during the shows and contests.
The photos are in high resolution JPG, suitable for website use and for high quality printing.
Please support the photography coverage by SABS by paying the small fee for your high quality pictures!

Preview of the quartet and chorus contest/show pictures

How to order the Contest & Show Photos
- during the convention: pay and complete the order form available at the SABS registration/info desk
- after the convention: complete the online order form on the SABS website http://www.sabs.es/cm2/?page_id=4448

After payment the ordered set of pictures will be made available for downloading via a private secret link.
Estimated delivery time: delivery links will be sent starting mid May.

Use of pictures / license
The copyright/ownership of the pictures remains with the photographer, also if you bought the quartet/chorus pictures.
 But you will have a free license to use the pictures as you like, provided you mention the photographer (Eric Ideler) when you publish the picture(s).

Contact the Photographer
Photos have all been taken by Eric Ideler

contacts preferably via e-mail: eric@ideler.nl